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SURge - Survey Report generator is a software which has simplified the task of Hydrographic Survey Reporting. It consolidates all the reports a Hydrographic Surveyor requires in the field (Not all.... ;), well almost.... ) into a single utility to reduce the work stress of the surveyor with regard to Reporting, allowing him to home in on to the operational front. SURge 's versatality allows it to be customised as per the User's requirements.

SURge - A Novel idea

Hydrographic Survey Reporting has always been a tough grind for Surveyors at field. Presenting it in an impressive manner consumes a lot of time in formatting, finding the correct logos and diagrams, the schematic representations of observations, the relevant calculations - the result of which has to be neatly incorperated in the report - but has nothing to do with the operational part of the job. Considering the usual cramp working environment onboard, these long and tedious Reporting exercises exhaust all the energy of the Surveyor and make his life dolorous. Being active surveyors, We often came across such situations, which made us think about working on a project to prepare a consolidated software platform for survey reporting, where one just need to input the parameters on a Graphic User Interface and select the observation data files to produce a well manicured Survey Report. We began to work on that idea during our free offshore days, and after almost 2 years, We managed to produce a decent product after a lot of R&D.

We value your views....

Always be Proactive in your Profession..... Whenever you come across any situation in your Profession, where you feel a wrong procedure is followed or there is a better way to handle it, be proactive and Report the irregularity or suggest the improvisation to the concerned authority immediately. It could be a malfunctioning equipment, a bug in the program you use or a wrong practice of procedure. On your persuit of professional excellence Voice out your opinions Because that way you will not only sharpen your career skills but will also ensure that the knowledge is spread to ennance the professional excellence of the fraternity . That’s why in SURge, we value your suggestions and feedbacks. We have a proper procedure of Reporting a Bug or suggesting a change. Choose to be Proactive and be a true professional.

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SURge - Hydrographic Survey reporting

SURge - Hydrographic Survey reporting

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